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Top 10 Long Ride Must Haves

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Embarking on “long rides” is hard, and it’s even harder if you don’t bring the proper tools along with you. Before heading out on that long-awaited trip, make sure to bring the following essentials in your “bike-packing” kit.

This things-to-bring were suggested to us by fellow long rider cyclists, we made a list of the top 10 must-have tools to bring during your long rides.


No one can survive without water, so it goes to show that this is absolutely the top 1 of our most important things to bring during your long rides. But let’s take it a step further and purchase hydration with essential electrolytes and vitamins to help you keep your salt and sugar levels where they need to be during rides. Drink before you go, drink during and fill up during stops. DRINK LOTS OF WATER.


You may never know what will happen on the road. A sudden fall or bumps in the road can get you hurt, having a first aid kit with you can save not only your life but also others when they get involved in an accident. You can purchase first aid kits in your local pharmacy or drugstores.


Handy, compact and ready to eat foods are also needed during long rides. Carbohydrates, protein, salt, and sugar are simply essential nutrients you need and foods such as energy bars, energy drinks, nuts, apples, bananas, and eggs are a lifesaver that you can snack on while pedaling.


For adjustments, recalibrations, etc having a tool kit is needed. Having a patch kit in your tool kit can save your life when you have a flat tire. It is one of the things that you won’t think you need until you need them. Some basic tools to bring are Allen keys, spanners, screwdrivers, spoke tool, chain breaker, tire levers and patches


You will never know when your components will break, and having spares along with you saves you all the inconvenience of having to look for a local bike shop for replacements. Common spare parts to bring are innertubes, spokes, and folding tires.


Obviously, everyone brings their phones for just about anything. Be it for Facebook, emergency or just blogging your experience and sharing them with the world.

But when embarking on long rides, a smartphone with an installed navigation app can go a long way. When you get lost or made a wrong turn, or when a sudden re-route is needed, knowing your way around an area via Google Maps, or Strava or even Waze can help you find your way around.


Investing in waterproof bags or covers for your phones, speedometers, and clothes is a must. You just don’t know when it rains and when it catches you during your ride. It is essential that your things are dry at all times and avoids getting your replacement shirts, food and gadgets soaked in the rain. This is also convenient to avoid unnecessary stops and be bait to potential pickpockets and bad elements.


Long rides come with potentially riding during night time when visibility is low. So having lights on your bike is absolutely important. This is essential to all cyclists to make sure are visible to vehicles at night. Rechargeable ones are very handy, you can charge them on your power bank when they run out of juice and you don’t have to keep buying batteries for it. Bringing a spare helps when you’re traveling extra-long distances.


You can never go too long rides without bringing a hand pump with you. It is just those

tools that you can’t go without. Carrying one with you is useful when you fix a flat tire or helping out fellow cyclists in need of a little pump.


Lastly, the difference between going out in the right attire and cycling gear is like night and day. Be sure to pack a raincoat and wear gears that are built to fight against the elements. Proper clothing is absolutely important and should be planned depending on the destination you will be going to. Some important things to bring are sunglasses, raincoats, extra socks, extra towels and bike gloves.

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