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Updated: Oct 22, 2020

MOB Philippines values the safety of each cyclist out there, take these safety tips for this rainy season to heart and have a safe ride!

#1 Dress for the rain

To be as noticeable as possible through the foggy, dreary streets, wear bright clothes especially rain jackets, don't forget to use a waterproof bag to save your valuables from being drenched by the rain, and waterproof shoe covers or pair of shoes to give you comfort and possible insulation from the cold weather.

#2 Use non-tinted sunglasses

The stronger the rain is the darker the streets get, visibility has always been a problem to road dwellers, so it is advisable to wear clear or yellow-tinted eyewear to help you ride at ease in the dark.

#3 Allow yourself to be as visible as possible

Lights and blinkers are always required when you ride a bicycle, for it will be safer for your ride and easier for other motorists to spot you on the road especially this rainy season which brings fog and overcast skies in the streets.

#4 Use of fenders/mudguards

We all agree that it looks silly when you see bicycles with mudguards and fenders on a daily basis, but little did everyone know that these two are essentials in cycling on rain-drenched streets of the metro and will actually help you from riding comfortably in the rain for it helps you avoid splashes of water from the puddles and other vehicles find its way to your eyewear or your clothing.

#5 Practice breaking early

It gets slippery when streets are all soaked with rainwater, always remember to break early to give leeway in decelerating while you are in traffic to avoid skidding because of unexpected breaking.

#6 Watch out rainbow puddles and mud patches

Rainbow puddles are results of oil slicks from cars that make the road slippery, which also leads to contamination of disc brakes when it gets in contact with it.

# 7 Lower your tire pressure

Slightly lowering your bike’s tire pressure is recommended when riding through rain-drenched roads for a wider coverage area and more grip on the street and a tad wider tires to “account for conditions”

# 8 Road Markings are far-more slippery

Road markings are made from thermal paint with reflective glass beads which makes it slick, where in normal days it is slippery and even more slippery when it’s drenched in rain. Avoiding or have particular care when having contact with it are always advised.

# 9 Look out for potholes and haphazard debris

Have a keen eye on the wet road for you are far more vulnerable in coming across with tube-piercing scraps rather than in dry road for potholes and debris are possible to have been washed onto the road.

# 10 Pay extra attention

You always have to keep in mind to pay more attention when it comes to vehicles around you in all directions for they too are experiencing a hard time pressing on their brakes in this kind of weather.

These are just some of the important do’s you should take note to have a harmless ride on the metro’s streets in this coming rainy season.

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