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Pioneering Philippine Cycling

Born in the Philippines, the owner of MOB Philippines is a Filipino of Taiwanese descent raised in the streets of Tondo, Manila under a working-class family. He started selling skateboards and roller blades with dreams to sell durable, high-end bicycle components without the expensive price. Then, He created MOB (Men on Bikes). MOB became the first bicycle brand that originated locally.

Engineered from top-notch manufacturers in Taiwan and China, our products are ensured to sustain systematic quality check prior to shipment and delivery. Quality is guaranteed from the mighty bike frame to the compact cables. As of 2020, we assemble essentially all of the bicycle parts, Long since 1998, MOB remains one of the most affordable, durable and versatile bicycle brands in the country; earning the trust of many Filipinos. if by fortuity a liability is made, rest assured end users' concerns are prioritized. We expedite assistance. 

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